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Re:Lighting preference

       "kristiananderson" asked about preferences between a 96W and two 55W 
bulbs for a thirty gallon tank.
       I strongly recommend the 96W fixture.  The bulb and socket assembly 
fits perfectly in a 36" hood, giving even lighting to the entire 36" tank.  
Also, 3W plus of PC lighting over a 16" tall tank will be all you ever need.  
Two 55W fixtures will overlap, causing a bright spot in the middle of the 
tank, and either forcing the use of a less efficient reflector or making the 
hood that much wider.
       My thirty gallon tank with one 96W PC is my "grow anything, and 
beautifully too" tank.  My 65 gallon (also 36" long, but 24" tall) does great 
with two 96W fixtures on it, but some stuff grows leggy until it gets halfway 
to the surface.
       Pierre Gagne
       Kensington, MD

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