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Re: Hairgrass

In my area there are two types of hairgrass available, labeled Dwarf 
Hairgrass, or Eleocharis acicularis, as you mention in your post. This type 
usually stays below three inches in height. The foot tall type you mention is 
probably Eleocharis montevidensis, or Giant Hairgrass.

I have had both types with sucessful growth. My tanks are high light, CO2 
injected, with TMG double dosed. Dwarf hairgrass grows for me, but after a 
while it becomes a crap trap, so I don't keep it. I may be too lazy to keep 
up with it's care requirements. E. montevidensis, on the other hand, is a 
breeze to keep. It propogates by runners, and can be invasive with other 
plants, but it is easy to control as it has a shallow root system, so it 
usually pulls up without taking whatever it is growing in with it.  It grows 
fairly slowly, so thinning is only needed every few weeks.

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