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Re: green water

>Roxanne Bittman writes
>I hate green water.  I have found it to be persistent and frustrating;
maybe there is a better solution, but here is what I have done to get rid
of it.
>Water changes alone will not do it.  GW loves water changes; more room to
multiply, which the cells do in record time.  Darkening the tank is a
temporary fix and they will be baaack a few days later.  I never figured a
way to tweak the nutrients to get rid of GW; maybe Neil and Tom Barr have
succeeded this way?
>So, what to do?
>I have had success with aggressive use of a diatom filter, as many of you
have.  Daily use of the diatom (System 1 in my case) filter and good tank
hygeine seem to do the trick.  It can take a week or so, but it will
finally work.

On the green water (new tank I mentioned recently), I have the diatom
filter running as I type. The water is crystal clear right now, but it
usually takes a few tries to keep them from coming back. I have not tried
to play with nutrient balance to help it happen.  

regarding R Clarks comment: What is accu-clear? Is it a flocculent? That
should work too, but unless it removes all the suspended cells, they can
still re-multiply.

I dont get green water on an annual basis. I get it occasionally. Sometimes
when I suspend fine clay from the substrate and dont filter it out. This
time was in my new tank. I was wondering if other people typically
experience green water when they FIRST set up a tank.