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Re: Green Water

Hey gang,

I'm not sure what kind of evil green water you have,
but I've never had a case that massive water changes
wouldn't fix. 50% twice a day has knocked out even the
"pea soupiest" GW for me in a 3-4 days. Never to
return, yet. 

OTOH, I've never had to cope with an outbreak in a
tank over 46 gallons. I can certainly see that 50% or
more water changes would get tiresome/costly in a
*large* tank. The water bill for that treatment would
cost the same as a UVS, probably: Be alot less
headache, definately...

I don't use a water conditioner/chlorine remover.
Think that the residual chlorine would have a negative
impact on the unicellular algae?

John Wheeler

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