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Re:New and and need help with PH/GH/CO2

Sue Wild wrote:

>.............I set up a DIY yeast mixture for CO2 5 days ago. Although its 
>bubbling its
>clear to me that I need a reactor, membrane, diffuser or something along that
>line as I can see I'm losing most all of my CO2 that's bubbling up out of the
>tank.  I'm lost when it comes to which device to use to diffuse the CO2 into
>the tank more efficiently. I'd like something that I can use with my DIY
>yeast system, but that would also work if I upgrade to a real CO2 system.
>My water chemistry is a major problem from what I've been reading.  My pH is
>8.5, GH is 9 and KH is 10 (if my test kit is correct). My understanding is
>that these values are too high and I'm not sure what to do to correct it.  If
>I'm understanding the info I've read this values make little CO2 available to
>the plants. This is well water I'm using. I'm not really into using chemicals
>to change the water values, is it my only hope?......................

I'm no expert and I like keep things simple.
To diffuse CO2 you can use your canister filter or powerhead. Just put air 
stone on the end of your CO2 line and locate it right underneath of your 
filter inlet. Bubbles will be broken down by filter's propeller into very 
fine bubbles and they will dissolve easier. It will cost you almost 
nothing, too.
My Ph is 7.5, KH 18 and GH 24 ( messured with cheap kits from Hagen and AP 
) So would not call your values high. I grow fairly well Hygro, Ludwigia, 
Anubias, Bolbitis, Java Fern, Chistmas moss, Wisteria, Sagitaria, some 
Crypts and Echinodorus Rose which grows like mad and flowers and creats 
plantlets several times a year. Yes, these are very common plants, I know, 
nothing special. But they grow and that's what I want. :-) As I said, I'm 
no expert and I have a few questions on my own

Cambridge, Ontario