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Re: 8 watt UV

Ok, I talked to Aquanetics and you guys were right. 
It is the starter.  I took off an endcap and looked
and it is glowing blue.  Some plants are also yellower
than before, so I guess it's "killing" iron too. 
Mostly in new leaves.  

What's weird about the slime algae is that there's
never any trace of it in the morning.  It doesn't show
up until later in the day.  Didn't show today until
about 4, which I think is later than usual.  Does it
"die" every night?  That's so weird.  Almost like it
completes it's life cycle every day.  

The UV may be working, although not as fast as I would
like it to.  The stuff looks like it's a free floating
algae that bonds with dirt.  As Tom suggested, I'll
try to clean out the tank as well as I can.  Lots of
detritus still.  Better than before though.  

Still, my tank looks pretty good despite the problems.
Good growth.  I have a few Blyxa aubertii seeds
available.  More later, as there are more flowers
stalks showing up.  Just about ten or 15 left to give
out from this pod.  Anybody got any Hydrothrix?

Thanks, Cavan   

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