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Since we are talking about good stores !

I too would like to praise the following stores based strictly upon personal

M3 - I have not received my order yet but Ed has been very good in helping
me select stuff. Excellent communicator !

True Aquarium Plants - Phlys is great. I received almost twice the quantity
of plants that I paid for. All in Excellent A++ quality. Zero Defects ! All
plants planted are alive and doing great !

Aquariumfish.net - Again, great communicators and willing to talk and
explain things to customers. Nice guys.

I have also had good results with Petsolutions.com (always quick and never
made a mistake in my order) and Bigalsonline.com (great prices, fairly quick
and when I have returned things I have never had a problem. Great return
police - no questions asked).

Again these stores are recommended based on my experiences with them.