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Re: GW and nutrient uptake

> From: "Roxanne Bittman" <rbittman at dfg_ca.gov>
> Subject: green water
> I hate green water.

Now now, lets not get mad, I'm sure we can settle this dispute:) You go to
that side of the room and GW go over to the other side.
> I have found it to be persistent and frustrating; maybe
> there is a better solution, but here is what I have done to get rid of it.
> Water changes alone will not do it.

I think folks will agree to this one. Once a cell quota is reached you
cannot get rid of it this way.

> GW loves water changes; more room to
> multiply, which the cells do in record time.

Well less GW cells taking up space and light. Does well in PC lighting.

> Darkening the tank is a
> temporary fix and they will be baaack a few days later.  I never figured a way
> to tweak the nutrients to get rid of GW; maybe Neil and Tom Barr have
> succeeded this way?

Not without killing the plants along the way. Plants need more nutrients
than these LTRGT's or GW.
It's the same thing with algae, large algae need more nutrients, smaller
they get, the better they do at lower nutrient levels. The same thing
happens with plants. They have a much fast uptake rate than algae.

> So, what to do?
> I have had success with aggressive use of a diatom filter, as many of you
> have.  Daily use of the diatom (System 1 in my case) filter and good tank
> hygeine seem to do the trick.  It can take a week or so, but it will finally
> work.
> Roxanne Bittman

UV's are great also. Flip a switch and your done in a day or two.
Tom Barr