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M3, name twist, group praise

While everyone is praising M3 I will put my 2 cents in.  I recently ordered
my CO2 setup from M3 and got everything in really fast.  I went to set
things up and the solenoid valve that I ordered was different than the
directions showed so I called Edward complaining about the directions.  They
weren't the right ones.  He walked me through the setup, step by step,
personally.  I later went away for a weekend and my internal pump for my
reaction chamber had stopped when the power went off and the CO2 had been
going into the pump for days and ruined the pump.  I had only had the pump
one week so I called Edward again and he shipped me a new pump with no
hesitation.  He certainly knows how to treat customers and I will certainly
use his company again.  I have no other experience with any other mail
ordering company dealing with aquarium supplies, but my first experience has
been great.
(Usual disclaimer insert)
I have nothing to do with M3 other than being a satisfied customer.  Now if
I could just find a mechanic like that.......
I also would like to praise this group.....I have gotten some excellent
advice, tips, plants, etc.....oh and even humor from this group.  The
stories from the person with the hydra problems and the name twist have been
I have had my CO2 going 2 weeks now and got some fertilization started (I
need major help with that) and my plants started pearling frantically 3 days
ago.  I am so excited! 
Richard Clark
And for you name twisters, no I do not go by Dick.

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