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Re: Rock PO4

> Any suggestions for figuring out how much to dose in a 70 gallon aquarium.
> I figured I start small, and then test until the readings got high enough on
> my phosphate test.   I am now proud owner of three phosphate test kits.

Well 3 I guess are better than 1:)
> I have significant amounts of phosphate in my tap water (> 1 ppm I have not
> tested it on the high range of my test kit.).  When I do a partial water
> change it is gone within a few hours.

So where does all the PO4 go day after day? How much can the gravel possibly
hold? Must all go to the plant at some point.

Well do a bigger water change. KH2PO4 is a once in a life time type purchase
and will not cost much if that doesn't get it for you.
Tom Barr

> Thanks
> Ken