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Echinodorus questions

Number 1:
I am interested in getting some echinodorus rosaefolia from Aquabotanic, but
I wanted to check with others first to see how they like it.  I do not want
a sword that looks "identical" to a rubin.  Does the rosaefolia have
identical color as the rubin?  From the pict on Aquabotanic's site, it is
more of a deep blushing pink/red.

Number 2:
What is a ruby sword?  Is it a Ech barthii?  Is it a Ech Osiris?  Is it

Number 3:
Does anyone know of a place to purchase the red form of Ech hormanii?  Or a
"true" jade form?  I'm reluctant to get the Ech uruguayensis v "green" (also
know as Jade Hormanii) on Arizona gardens site.  Anyone have any experience
with this plant from Arizona gardens?  What color is it, jade or green?