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Re: Pet Supply Liquidators Light -- endcaps & sockets

Anthony Baker took to heart the lack of need for end caps/sockets:

> I bought endcaps from AHS ala cart -- no problem.  I also 
> bought reflectors in the same order.  Since I doubt I will 
> need to change the bulbs for 10 months, sockets don't seem 
> needed at all.

Not now, but in 10 months, if you didn't get the sockets, you would
pull the wires off the old bulb without a thought, then get ready to
put them on the new bulb and THEN try to remember which wire went were
10 months ago -- where is that diagram anyhow?  Or maybe that's just
what I would do. . . and ten months later, I'd probably do the same
thing again.  :-)

But seriously, I think your posts on the lights are a great help to
anyone considering buying lights.  And there doesn't seem to be any
problems that they can't easily fix in future units.

We remain tuned in for further details.

Scott H.

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