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cyannobacteria and dipping plants

I have cyannobacteria in my old tank. I'm not too concerned about getting
rid of it since I'm switching over to the new bigger tank. There are a few
plants in the old tank I would like to move over to the new one but of
course they have cyannobacteria on them. I brushed as much off a little
cryptocorne as I could, but there is some remaining, and the amazons I would
like to move are covered.

a) since the new tank has no fish, therefore no nitrates, will the
cyannobacteria just die off if I put the plants straight over?
b) should I dip them to kill the cyanno? I was recommended potassium
permanganate, but don't know where to get it... is there something a person
would have on-hand to use? (bleach, salt...)
c) I could get some EM tabs and throw them in.

What do you think is the best route?