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de "leggy" fying plants


I've been neglecting my tanks for some time, but I'm back in the game and
it's raised an interesting question (for me).  One of the things that
happened during this time is that I let the Amazon Frogbit cover the
surface, so that many of the plants have stretched up for light, especially
the crypts, which are starting to look like stem plants!  I'm now scooping
out frogbit at a great rate, meaning more light, but I was wondering how to
get my plants to return to their more prostrate high light growth form.
They'll do it on their own eventually (probably after melting for the
crypts), but I was wondering how long it's taken for this to happen in other
people's tanks.  I'm going to just shove the upright stems underground
again, but I was curious if anyone had any other suggestions.