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Re: Pet Supply Liquidator Light

Anthony Baker wrote:

> My light fixture (finally) arrived from Pet Supply 
> Liquidator's yesterday.  I took a ton of pictures and 
> I will be putting a full review w/ pics on my website 
> as soon as I get a chance (possibly tonight).  I did 
> want to write my first impression, as I do know 
> people like Roxanne are following this story with 
> interest.
> Okay, so I first want to say it did take a long time 
> to receive the light -- they use FedEx ground which 
> is SUPERSLOW.  But, on to substance.  The box was in 
> very shabby condition, probably due to the FedEX 
> Ground more than anything.  I was worried the light 
> would be damaged, but when I opened the box, 
> everything was in excellent condition.  
> My first reaction: "Wow, this light is better than I 
> expected!"  The aluminum shell looks good, and the 
> unit seemed solid enough.  The little plastic legs 
> are pretty cheesey, and should be free instead of 
> $10, but do work, albeit with a little elbow grease.  
> I was told I might need to cut part of the legs off 
> to fit it onto the tank rim, which I did, but this 
> wasn't hard.  
> The main complaint I had was that the unit didn't 
> come with any directions.  I think they usually sell 
> them with the bulbs, but I wanted 5K and 6K lights 
> from AHS, so I had to install the bulbs myself.  
> There aren't bulb sockets -- just 4 wires per bulb 
> with insulated clips for the pins.  It took me a 
> little trial and error to get the bulbs to fire up.  
> Also, I had to take off the side panels to slide the 
> legs into position, which was pretty obvious to me 
> without directions, but would have been nice 
> nonetheless.  I did managed to cut my hand pretty 
> good when I removed the side panel though!
> Oh, the reflector is also pretty darn good -- same 
> material as the AHS MIRO reflector -- but the bulb-
> clips seems spaced for 55W instead of the 36W bulbs I 
> am using.  Also, the unit doesn't get too hot after a 
> few hours of running.
> Since I just got the unit yesterday, I haven't had 
> time to really put it to work, but my initial feeling 
> is good enough to recommend the PSL lights as a 
> decent alternative to higher-priced ones on the 
> market.  (Insert usual disclaimers here)
> Well, that is enough for now.  I will try to write up 
> my complete review with pics tonight, and will post 
> the URL once I upload it to my site.
That's a shame about the edges of the exdtruded aluminum being left
sharp when you need to expose to install the legs.  Hopefully, they
will corrrect this in the future with a fews seconds of rubbing with
emory cloth before packaging.

Enclosing a sheet of instructions ought to be an easy fix, too -- they
only have to be written once.

The lights prove that you don't need to spend lots of money for special
"end caps" for any kind of flourescent -- heck, you could solder the
wires on if you wanted.  While not a necessity, sockets are handy, so
you might check Edwin Gaynor Co. (  http://www.egaynor.com/ ) to see if
you can pick some up sockets -- or see if AH Supply will see them ala
carte -- They will sell most stuff that way although there would be a
bit of a sting in the irony in this case.  

Are Miro reflectors included, or is the inside surface of the hood
polished to be the reflector?

Can you tell us anything about the ballast?

So far, on the whole, it sounds like this could develop into
competition for AHS, but it doesn't sound to me like they have it all
together yet -- but they've come a long way from comic books, eh?   

Please continue to keep us posted.

Scott H.

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