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E. tennellus, bolivianus, quadricostus, etc

Hello Folks:
I looked at the photos Robert posted from Aquabotanic
and the only problem I see from my experience is that
2 of the specimens are shown in their emersed form and
one appears to be in its submersed form (latifolius). 
What is needed is consistency in showing the plant in
its two basic forms, emersed and submersed.  I have a
quadricostus (I think) and it has taken on two
different appearances based on whether it recieves
strong light(producing 12-14 inch long leaves, 1and1/2
inch wide) or low light (8-10 inch long leaves, 3/4
inch wide).  I can't say I really know what the plant
is supposed to be using all my books to identify
     My tennellus is the thinnest leaf I have seen on
any Echinodorus, average 1/8 inch wide, and grows
anywhere from 2-4 inches.  The next plant which I
believe is bolivianus or perhaps latifolios grows 4-6
inch leaves that are average 1/4 to 3/8 inch wide and
much brighter green than tennellus.
     I thought that accurate ID can only be made when
the flowers are available on the plant?!  Isn't that
the final say used in really identifying the various
Cryptocorynes?  Where is Tom Barr when you need him???
Thanks, Diana 

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