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Re: Strange shell dwellers in plant tank

On Tuesday 22 January 2002, Paul Gray wrote:

> I have these tiny 2 millimetre creatures in my tank. They have a hard
> outer shell that looks like a sea shell. They move very slowly and seem
> to eat algae. I have had them in my 13 gallon planted for about 6 months
> and they have never eaten any of my plants. They eat algae even off the
> leaves but I have no idea what they are. From the under side it looks
> like a big snail foot but their shell looks nothing like a snail. They
> stay out all day and night and the shell is so hard that I can't even
> crush the shell. The biggest they get is about 2 - 4 millimetres in
> size.

If the shell has the form of a flattened cone then maybe you have limpets.

I had them for a while.  They were effective algae eaters, never were a 
problem and eventually disappeared.  Too bad.

Roger Miller