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Re: Vallisneria in Australia

Hello Charlie,
the description suits some of our native vals, Vallisneria caulescens 
when given good aquarium conditions can send out exceptionally long 
leaves but when starved actually grows a stem and has very short 
leaves.   Vallisneria nana from various locations across the Northern 
Territory can match your description.   There is an Australian 
Vallisneria genus revision by Surrey Jacobs in a publication called 
"Telopia" put out by NSW Botanic Gardens.   Your local Herbarium 
should have a copy.     Some of the Aquarium Societies in Melbourne 
have plant groups with very experienced plant growers, perhaps you 
should ask at your local aquarium shop for directions to one of these 
Aquarium Societies and talk to the locals.

Dave Wilson

The main plant had ten leaves, just over 3/8" wide and around 1/16"
thick, from six to eight and a half feet long.  It had sent out runners
and there were eight children, most with leaves three to four feet
long.  I left the two smallest in the tank and pruned them to 12".

Anyone care to guess at the type?  v. giganta springs to mind, but I
thought the leaves would be a lot broader and thicker?


Charlie Lear
Melbourne, Australia