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Re: Glass Scratches

Nice job there! I have some little scratches in some of my older tanks that
I might work on like this next time I tear one down...

An idea to maybe pre-polish the more coarse scratches: use diamond film.
Diamond film (actually diamond grit on a mylar backing) is used to polish
fiber optic connectors and is available in sizes from about 25 microns down
to about 0.5 microns. It's not particularly expensive either, my company
pays about $2 for an 8x10 inch sheet from Amp. Using maybe 10 micron or so
and a LOT of work might be enough to take the deep scratches down to
something that the cerium oxide could then finish off.

BTW, the finer grades of this film are great for polishing scratches out of
eyeglasses :-)


>So, I was pretty much on my own. I've posted a web page on what I tried and
>how it worked out. YMMV.
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