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Hi there, I haven't been on the list in a couple of months.

Three months ago I bought a vallisneria unknownus (e.g. it could be
sagittaria) from the LFS.  It was around 15" long, and would suit a
corner of my 15gal Jebo tank.

I guess I'm doing something right with my plants (clay balls, Flourish
iron, DIY CO2) because I did a prune job on the weekend and took most
of the plant and its children back to the LFS.

The main plant had ten leaves, just over 3/8" wide and around 1/16"
thick, from six to eight and a half feet long.  It had sent out runners
and there were eight children, most with leaves three to four feet
long.  I left the two smallest in the tank and pruned them to 12".

Anyone care to guess at the type?  v. giganta springs to mind, but I
thought the leaves would be a lot broader and thicker?


Charlie Lear
Melbourne, Australia