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Re: driftwood maintenance?and fish disease question

All this talk about rotting driftwood has me wondering if people pull their 
driftwood periodically (once a year?) to sand off rotten spots.... I have 
three pieces of driftwood in my 38 gallon, all covered with java moss, java 
fern, anubias, and bolbitis.  I certainly would not want to have to disturb 
these plants just to rip off some rotten or soft wood.... The only type of 
algae I have is green spot.  I guess if nothing else in the way of algae 
grows, I would not be inclined to bother my driftwood....feedback?  It is my 
only tank, so I really cannot move a piece to another tank to reduce the 
amount of driftwood in there.

I do have one fish related question. Is there a disease that fish get that 
turns them into humpbacks and then they die?  Over several months I have seen 
this happen to a few fish (most are very healthy) -- they almost look like 
they are starving, but I don't think that is it.  They turn into upside-down 
"U's".  No outside lesions or wierd behavior.  This seems to mostly have 
taken out my platies, but also a harlequin raspbora that I have had for over 
a year.  Any ideas?  Poor quality stock maybe?