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Re: AH Supply -- Fans, noise, and mounting

Well, Ivo, I should have known that you would have tried anything that
I could think of -- but thought i would mentin for anyone else's
benefit.  Acoustical coupling is a possibility but that should be very
easy to fix except for one particular type.  If some piece is
sypathetically reinforcing the sound, say the reflector, then you could
decouple it by chaning its resonanct frequency -- e.g., putting some
dynamat material on it.

But 60 hz from a number of sources (pumps, fans, oldfashioned light
ballasts), in one room can reinforce each other, in your ears,
depending on were you stand. . . . I hear the fans when I satand over
here but not so much over here.  If changing the dimensions of your
room is out of order (for aesthetic reasons, it certainly couldn't be
and expense reason in this hobby) then DC fans might be in order.

Was the noisy local?  I mean audibly from  a single location or from
some place harder to exactly pin down?

Scott H.

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