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Re: Glass Scratches

Great info, John. I think that's a pretty ingenious solution for the
assiduous hobbyist with access to power tools and lots of elbow grease. :)
I may have to try it myself if I can ever get that motivated. I'll have wait
until i break the tank down though, since my scratches are from top to

I also agree with you when you speculate about your razor scraper not
causing the scratches, although it is possible to scratch glass with a razor
blade with the right errant motion. The scrub sponge probably did it, even
if it's not abrasive itself. My theory is that unless the tank's substrate
is very silt-free, any broad-surfaced glass cleaning sponge or pad, no
matter how soft or non-abrasive, can cause scratches due to the ability of
silt to cling to algae growing on the glass, or otherwise become suspended
in the water and get trapped between the cleaning pad and glass.

Thanks for sharing the info.

Dan Dixon

> http://www.fitchfamily.com/glass.html