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Re: tennellus

Hey Gang,

This is a bit confusing and it took me a while to come
to grips with chain swords as well. Methinks the
taxonomy is *far* from complete with these little
beasts. Echinodorus tennellus obviously has many
varieties...Which one are you being sold? Who knows?
I'll never buy emerse grown chain swords again. They
all look very similar, and there is no reliable way,
unless you are a botanist, to tell them apart.
Obviously, this needs more study....

<<But, the big question is how do we get our Tenellus
to look like the beautiful low growing plants we see
in the Amano Books. To say that the leaves grow to 8
inches in length doesnt seem to jive with the 
pictures in those books. So will the real low growing
Tenellus please stand up.>>

According to Baensch vol. 3, the variety of which you
speak of is E. tennellus var. tennellus. It's the one
in all of Amano's books. The ones with bigger, or even
smaller leaves are different varieties. I can't find
another reference that deals with the different
varieties of E. tennelus. Tropica and Dennerle seem to
be nodding to var. tennellus in their books/web sites,

See Nature Aquarium World book 3 pg 234. I believe we
Americans call that one E. tennellus var. micro or
var. mikro. Never personally seen that one, but I hear
it exists;)

One of the dealers on the list mentioned that he had
one of these smaller varieties and complained to his
supplier that they were too small. Probably that's why
we don't see the small varieties more often! Dealers
don't think they look saleable. How many LFS's will
never learn that there is a difference and this
product is desireable, especially if a "plant guy"
made the same mistake?! And how many uninformed
consumers are going to pay a dollar, or even $.50, for
3 leaves and *a* root. HAHA!!

As soon as I get enough to bother with trading, would
anyone be willing to grow these suckers "en mass" for
John Q Public? Robert H.? 

<<( I know it's a plant trimming trick in those

Not with tennellus. 

John Wheeler

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