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Re: Tenellus

On Mon, 21 Jan 2002, ArmaniCool wrote:
> All the Tenellus talk is very interesting and filled with great
> information. But, the big question is how do we get our Tenellus to
> look like the beautiful low growing plants we see in the Amano Books.
> To say that the leaves grow to 8 inches in length doesnt seem to jive
> with the pictures in those books. So will the real low growing
> Tenellus please stand up. ( I know it's a plant trimming trick in
> those books)

I think you missed something in in the forgoing very interesting talk.
The low-growing tenellus isn't a trimming trick.  It's a different variety
of the plants.  If you want tenellus to look like Amano's then you have to
get that variety of the plant.

Roger Miller