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Re: Red Tenellus (clarification)

It seems the offering of my first-born got everyone's 
attention!! :0.  I have made a deal to get some in 
the next week or so.  Thanks again Bailin! (And 
thanks to Paul K. for an offer as well)

Once I get an established colony growing, I will 
return the favor and offer some micro-leaf tenellus 
to fellow APDers.

I do want to apologize for confusing things -- when I 
said "micro-leaf red form of E. tenellus" -- I didn't 
mean an all-red form.  To my knowledge this doesn't 
exist.  I just meant the micro-leafed version that 
_tends_ to get reddish highlights under strong 
lighting. (As per N. Frank's PAM article on chain 

-Tony, in Philly where it is snowing AGAIN!!