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Re: Driftwood and algae

Ken wrote:

> I am convinced of the following things about driftwood.
> 1.  In certain circumstances,  there are pieces of driftwood that can
> major algae growth in a tank.

Tom Barr wrote:

"If it's rotting."

I guess I am one of those in the archives that proposed driftwood as a cause
of some algae. I think if you expand the term "rotting" to include any
process that breaks the wood into smaller parts, then algae infestation is a
part of the rotting process. BBA in particular attaches itself in a way that
would contribute to the breakdown of the wood, and I think it helps release
the stored nutrients in the wood into the water column. I have no real proof
of this, but based on observation and a little deduction, I don't have any
driftwood, and very little algae, in my tank.

Tom Wood