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Re:True tennellus

Hey gang

Delaware Aquatic Imports has E. tennellus var.
tennellus. The one with short, very narrow leaves and
red highlights. 

I ordered some from a different MO company about a
year ago and got the 7-10" tall behemoth/jugernaut
that *filled* a 10 gallon in 2 months. Emerse
growth?...nope. The longer it was under water the
taller it got. It was truly impressive how tenacious,
and pugnacious a plant could be. It scared me off of
chain swords for some time. 

My E. tennellus x tennellus have strong red
highlights, and stay under 4" under 96w PC on a 46
bowfront. 25 turned into 325 in about 6-8 weeks so you
don't need a whole lot. The tough part is keeping them
where you want them. 

I'm not in a position to trade, yet.

If anyone would like to know how to contact DAI, I'd
be happy to give you phone #'s if you contact me
off-list. Their web site is down.

John Wheeler

p.s....I guess no one knows anything about hairgrass?

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