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Deep Hex Lighting

After a few years away from the hobby, I finally have the chance to
return to planted aquaria! My current effort is a ~75g deep hex
aquarium, high pressure CO2 with control, Flourite substrate and
currently ~80W of florescent light. Given the age of the lights, I'd
be lucky if I'm getting 1w/gal, but the val. is happy enough!

I'd like to upgrade the lighting system so that I can try different
species and if possible establish some carpet type plants in the
foreground. The tank is approximately 36 inches deep, and while this
is certainly far from ideal, I'd like to know what my options are in
terms of light. I'm thinking I'd be best served by Metal Halide in a
pendent fixture. The next question is what size? Will 175 watts be
enough ( I think in my case its more a matter of depth versus the
watt/gal measure ) or would I be better served with a 250 watt system?

Additionally, if anyone happens to know: Can I use a 175 watt bulb
with a 250 watt fixture? The 250 watt ballast is actually cheaper than
the 175w and provides me an alternative if 250w is too much light. Are
the majority of aquarium MH bulbs mogul based or medium based?

Thank you for your input!