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Rubbermaid Sump

This weekend, I removed from my 75 gal. plant tank the original $100.00 
SeaLife Systems Wet-Dry and replaced it with a $4.85 Rubbermaid Roughneck 
storage box sump with a $. 50 paper basket for a bio-tower. 

I filled the new bio-tower about halfway, or to the water level, with a wad 
of upholstery dacron from a bag of the stuff(ing) my upholsterer friend gave 
me. I did this mainly to strain out large particulate matter and frankly, 
more to muffle any sound of water splashing around rather than to provide 
biological filtration. I have to constantly add N to this tank for plants as 
it is.

What an improvement!

Not only does my new Rubbermaid sump system have at least twice the usable 
space inside for heaters, CO2 injection and other equipment, it's absolutely 
dead quiet and much easier to work with. I'm very happy with it!

Now then, anybody want to buy a slightly used, pretty to look at (even though 
no one will ever see it) SeaLife Systems Wet/Dry for only $75.00? 

How 'bout $50.00? 

Didn't think so... 

I guess I can cut the thing up and make overflows from all that pretty 

Bob Olesen <--------- so simple, even a child could do it.