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Re: Chain sword leaf form

Paul Krombholz wrote
>  E. bolivianus is farily
>easy to tell apart from E. quadricostatus.  The former, grown submersed
>under long day conditions has narrower leaves that look a lot like leaves
>of a small Sagitteria.  The widest point is around the middle of the leaf
>or further back, and the leaves very gradually taper to a point.  The
>latter, grown under the same conditions, has wider leaves that increase in
>width for about three quarters of their length.  The widest part of the
>leaf is near the end of the leaf.

Here are leaf scans of two tenellus, bolivianus and quadricostatus -

The bolv and quad leaves with petiole (stem) were grown in short day (9hr)
winter conditions. 

>There is another species in the group, E. angustifolius, that has leaves
>much longer than bolivianus, up to two feet long.  I have only seen this
>plant pictured in books, and have never been able to obtain it and do not
>know anybody else who has it.

I got a plant called Echinodorus angustifolius from Claus several years
ago. I have been growing it submersed with 12 hour illumination (160w,
75gallon) and under those conditions it looks very similar to regular
tenellus (15cm long, 4 mm wide, no petiole). I havent tried it with less
light or in the same tank with tenellus. I should. When the weather gets
warm, the tenellus and angustifolius will go outside for some comparisons
under emersed conditions. I dont have any more room inside.