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RE: Small red form of E. tenellus

R. Miller, N. Frank, Dr. K et. al.:

With all this talk of the small form of E. tenellus floating about the list,
I went ahead and re-read Neil's excellent article in the Spring 2000 PAM...
Before Christmas I emailed the list asking if anyone wanted to do a plant
trade, and that was one of the plants I was looking for...  (Seriously, if
Robert/AquaBotanic was able to get some for sale, he'd make a killing right

So, I am prepared to offer up my first-born for 1-3 plantlets of the
micro-leaf red form of E. tenellus.  Either that, or I have a few misc
things lying around -- M3 needle-valve, some Clippard manifold parts,
power-heads, coldhard cash... Let me know! :-)

-Tony, in slushy Philly, still waiting for my new light fixture...