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Re: Raise the KH without raising the pH?

> I've searched through the archives and have read the chemistry behind the
> pH/KH relationship. My RO water is 6.8 pH but only 1 degree of KH. I want to
> raise the KH to about 5 but don't want the rise in pH. (I know the laws of
> Chemistry go against this) I do operate a yeast CO2 bottle but since it is
> not efficient and CO2 production does vary I don't want to depend on it for a
> lower pH.
> (I would love to move into at least the decade of the 1980s and buy
> a cylinder and regulator but a lack of funds [and a wife] prevent me from
> doing this.) Is there anything I can do to raise the buffering capacity
> without impacting the pH or depending on the CO2 to lower the pH?

Not really, at least in a planted tank and what you are trying to do here.

If you want to do this, get a cylinder. 150$ or so for everything if you
look around. Why don't you sell the RO then and use the $ to buy a CO2 gas
system? Got the money for that.........you can sell something on ebay (how
about plants?) also.
That's your deal on the $ issue.

I've used DIY for many years and rationalized, made excuses, blamed
others...I almost sounded like a smoker trying to quit:) Anything to not get
the Gas tank. Rather than saying I do not have the funds......I say "I'm too
cheap"....."I cannot save my money"...etc. May as well be honest with

Do yourself a favor, save 10$ a week(from all the plant sales), put it in
your fish cabinet etc. Then buy it. It's worth every penny and is cheaper in
the long run. 

There's a guy in our club selling his regulator right now that would give
you a deal. A tank and diffusion method and you'd be set.

Add baking soda or use tap water(provided it has enough KH) to get the KH to
5 and drop the pH down to 6.8 using the gas. This is _the_ simplest method.
Is there some reason your using RO? Only a tiny fraction of folks should
even consider RO for their taps. High Na or Cu are the only cases or perhaps
fish breeding etc. Plants do fine at high KH/GH's, it is the CO2 they want.
I have a RO but I use it for drinking water, plants/fish get tap. Taste
Tom Barr -ex DIY user, never used the patch, went cold turkey.