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Re:Chain sword leaf from

I have E. bolivianus and E. quadricostatus and the variety of E. tenellus
with the very narrow dark green leaves.  I don't think I have the other
wider-leaved bright green leaved variety of tenellus, but I will see when I
get all of them growing under the same conditions.  E. bolivianus is farily
easy to tell apart from E. quadricostatus.  The former, grown submersed
under long day conditions has narrower leaves that look a lot like leaves
of a small Sagitteria.  The widest point is around the middle of the leaf
or further back, and the leaves very gradually taper to a point.  The
latter, grown under the same conditions, has wider leaves that increase in
width for about three quarters of their length.  The widest part of the
leaf is near the end of the leaf.

There is another species in the group, E. angustifolius, that has leaves
much longer than bolivianus, up to two feet long.  I have only seen this
plant pictured in books, and have never been able to obtain it and do not
know anybody else who has it.

Paul Krombholz in chilly, central Mississippi, expecting only a brief
glimpse of the sun today and more showers tonight.