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Re: tweezers and such

Hey gang,

Not sure my original reply was appreciated, but I'll
clarify for my own piece of mind.

<<I'm just not sure the quality and price-tag match
> job description....YMMV.>>

That's all I meant. AZ Gardens tweezers and scissors
start at just under $10 and run all the way up to $70
plus S&H! Not sure I exagerated anything or prejudiced
anyone to not shop with good ol' AZG. 

For you guys who don't have tweezers for planting
stems AND money for Mercedes Benz tweezers, a good old
Ford pick-up truck tweezers will do the job (just as
well), and you can get them TODAY for next to nothing.

I'd rather spend my money on TMG, and college

That's all I meant,
John Wheeler

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