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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1546

Roxanne Bittman asked for experience with the Phaser IV lighting fixture
with power compacts.

My wife has used a 48 inch Phaser IV for several years that utilizes four
T-8 bulbs.  Not the same as with power compacts, but she has been very
pleased with it over her 55 gallon tank.  Her plants grow very nicely.  The
fixture does not get very warm even after being on all day.

With respect to your comment that the lack of a cooling fan may be not be a
good idea, it all depends.  A properly engineered lighting fixture, whether
it uses fluorescents, power compacts, or metal halides does not need a
cooling fan to maintain optimal operating temperatures.  My wife's Phaser IV
is a case in point, as are the fixtures made by Aqualine Buschke and
Giesemann.  Of course, good engineering is not cheap, which is one reason
the fanless fixtures cost so much.  On the other hand, fanless fixtures are
almost silent and use less electricity, which in California, is more of a
concern than it used to be.

Hope this helps.

Roger Gordon