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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1549

Hey gang, 

Dave wrote:
<<Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2002 17:35:18 EST
From: Dgrim62 at cs_com
Subject: Re: tweezers, tongs, snips, and other torture

Hi everyone,
The best source of high quality Aquatic Gardening
tools I have ever found at reasonable prices is from
Arizona Aquatic Gardens. Go to www.azgardens.com 
and click on their link for tools. I have the 12 inch
tweezers and the 12 inch Metzenbaum scissors. I have
seen a three pack of tools in a case sold by 
other vendors, but these tools from AZ Gardens are
made of thicker metal. They appear to be heavier duty.
You can even get the tweezers and Metzenbaum scissors
in a 24" length, although they are fairly

I'm not sure all that is necessary, unless you have
money to burn. IMHO, the stainless 8" tweezers I got
from True Value for $2-3 are adequate for our needs. I
bought a pair of 6" bonsai snips with long handle and
blunt tips from a garden shop for $10. I'm sure the
German surgical stainless are very *very* nice, but do
you really *need* a $40 scissors or $20 tweezer? 

I'm just not sure the quality and price-tag match the
job description....YMMV.

Cheapest wishes,
John Wheeler

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