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Raise GH with cichlid salt?

Ok.I did my research but couldn't find any clear answers, so I've
decided to post in this forum of geniuses.  My tap water is utterly
lacking in GH and my plants are starting to show the effects.  Can I
use, for instance, KENT Cichlid Chemistry to raise the GH instead of
monkeying around with Epsom salts, crushed shells, etc.?  The following
blurb comes from their label/www:
Contents: Carbonates, sulfates, and chlorides of sodium, magnesium,
calcium and potassium with all necessary minor and trace minerals.

I'm thinking the arguments against this might be the carbonates (will
also raise the KH) and the sodium content.  What about a product like
R/O Right?  

Thanks for the input,

Steve Borgstrom
Makin' maps in sunny San Jose