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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1547 heating and cooling

  In the case of my refrigerator type cooler. I just use a 25 foot coil of 
vinyl hose
 which runs through a tub of water to which I add ice during very hot 
The only alteration to the refrigerator were Intel and out let of the 
aquarium water.
  By insulating all sides and top Os the tank I can maintain 5 to 7 degrees 
room temp. I chose vinyl because it was the easiest to work with. Obviously 
efficiency could be greatly improved by using glass or aluminum tubing, 
the bath water for lower temps or maybe using anti freeze so there would be
much colder temps for convection. Insulation on exterior pipes would also 
  Also putting the aquarium water directly into a vat in the fridge with temp 
on the pump would greatly increase the efficiency
   Would this work better or worse on 600 as opposed to 75 gallons? I think
though the greater volume would remain more stable there would be a lot more
glass and surface area to lose and gain so would be totally ineffective.
                                             Gary    fla.