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Re: AH Supply

Bill Wichers <billw at waveform_net> wrote:

>>My current solution to the problem is to mount the fan remotely, coupling it
>>to the strip light with a vacuum cleaner hose. This creates a lot of drag
>>and decreases the flow rate by a large amount. So I replaced the small fan
>>by a large (10" dia) Radio Shack AC fan enclosed in a soundproofing box that
>>sits under the tank. The noise level dropped to an acceptable level and the
>>flow rate is still OK, it keeps the insides of the strip light around 110 F
>>(there are 4 55 Watt PCs in there).
>Just a thought, but maybe plastic dryer hose would be better for you than
>vacuum hose? It's available at places like home depot in 3" and 4"
>diameters and is really cheap and pretty flexible. Might help you get a
>higher flow rate and still mount your fan remotely.
>     -Bill

Right, the wider the hose, the better the flow. Problem is, there is not 
much room left behind the tank for a wider hose. Also, the input air port
into the light strip is a short section of 1.5" PVC pipe that will restrict
the flow anway, no matter what I use before it. Nothing wider than that 
will fit in the strip light, since I built it to have a  really low profile. 
And, like I said, the bulbs seem to be running cool enough. If I recall
correctly, PC bulbs are optimized to run at 105 F. If that's the case,
increasing the air flow may even be counter-productive. 

Thanks for the suggestion, anyway !

- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD

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