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RE Powersweep powerheads -- is everybody happy?

D0NxD0N at aol_com, in a critique of a tank, wrote:

Discus Tank:
This tank can be VERY hypnotic if you placed the plants correctly and
yourself a Powersweep powerhead or a powerhead that has an output that 
rotates back and forth. "

A small number of folks posted complaints on other sites regarding the
early models of powersweeps.  I recall that the main complaints were
too much noise and failure to sweep.  

There has been some redesign of the Powersweeps -- the "wrist" pin on
the driving gear has been changed from plastic to metal.  the wrist pin
transmits the turbine-gear's rotational motion to the spout's as
reciprocal motion.  Has anyone used a recently purchased model?  If so,
how's it going?

Scott H.

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