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Re: Where did the Sodium Go?

Yep. It's like drinkin' saline solution. I make extra RO water every 
week for drinking water!

I live practically on the shore of a freshwater lake, Lake Lewisville. 
The soil here is all sand and very poor. It is, however, acid, and I 
have always been puzzled why the soil is acid and the water is alkaline.

Roger and Neil's conversation has gone way over my head now, as usual.


> Cheryl,
> Your tap water sounds like mine, which has a KH of 9 and a GH of 0.  There
> is no measurable calcium or magnesium in it, and it comes out of the tap
> with a pH of 8.5,  Almost its only ingredient is sodium bicarbonate.  I
> switched to rain water because all that sodium bicarbonate is not
> particularly useful, and it hinders getting calcium into the water if you
> are trying to get it from calcium carbonate.  I used to get calcium
> deficiency often.  Now that I have switched to rain water, I don't have
> that problem anymore.
> You would think that water like that could only come out of a water
> softening setup like those that folks use in hard water regions to keep
> their hot water heater from getting its pipes blocked by lime deposits.  I
> wonder what kind of geological conditions produce water like that.
> Paul Krombholz, in warming central Mississippi, expecting some rain tonight
> and tomorrow, but not a lot.  


Cheryl Rogers
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