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Re: AH Supply

>My current solution to the problem is to mount the fan remotely, coupling it
>to the strip light with a vacuum cleaner hose. This creates a lot of drag 
>and decreases the flow rate by a large amount. So I replaced the small fan 
>by a large (10" dia) Radio Shack AC fan enclosed in a soundproofing box that
>sits under the tank. The noise level dropped to an acceptable level and the 
>flow rate is still OK, it keeps the insides of the strip light around 110 F 
>(there are 4 55 Watt PCs in there).

Just a thought, but maybe plastic dryer hose would be better for you than
vacuum hose? It's available at places like home depot in 3" and 4"
diameters and is really cheap and pretty flexible. Might help you get a
higher flow rate and still mount your fan remotely.


Waveform Technology
UNIX Systems Administrator