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Final Report - DIY CO2 Manifold for M3 Deluxe Kit

This is just to follow up on my posts regarding the 
modification of my M3 Deluxe 6.0 CO2 kit to allow the 
attachment of a manifold.  

(To review, I was initially told that I would not be 
able to remove the needle-valve from the solonoid 
because it was thread-locked together.  I managed to 
separate the two using a large wrench, leaving me 
with a 1/8" female NPT fitting.)

I received many emails with advice, and even an offer 
from Dave Grim for a free DIY manifold.  Well, I 
decided that I would build my own 2-tank manifold 
from Clippard parts.  Dave (and others) had extolled 
the virtues of Clippard parts on the list before, so 
I decided to use them.  (They make various pneumatic 
parts for industry.)  

Anyhow, I found that with their off-the-shelf parts, 
I could make a 2-tank manifold with 2 high-quality 
needle-valves for about $25!!  In addition, this 
manifold can easily be upgraded with another $10 
needle valve to add a third tank. (and could be 
expanded even further with a couple other adapters to 
accomadate many more tanks)

So, for those who might endeavor on a similar 
project, here is what I used:
Needle-valve (2):         MNV-4K2 $10.10 ($20.20) 
1/8" NPT->3, 10-32 ports: 15090-3-PKG  $3.20 
Screw-plug:               11755-NP-PKG $2.10
Total:                                 $25.50

Basically, you screw the 1/8"->10-32 adapter (which 
acts as a mini 3-port manifold) into the 1/8" female 
NPT port comming off the regulator/solonoid, then 
screw in the needle-valves to the 10-32 ports on the 
adapter.  The screw plugs are to plug up extra ports -
 in my case I just wanted 2 needle-valves.  All the 
10-32 connections come with little Buna gaskets, so 
you don't need to mess with teflon tape.  

It literally took me 6 minutes to assemble and test 
the new manifold.  No leaks, and very precise control 
(better than the original M3 needle-valve).  Now, as 
soon as my PCF fixture arrives, I am ready to setup 
my 29G!

I hope someone benefits from this post.  Oh, one 
thing - the adapter and screw-plugs come in bags -- I 
think I have enough parts left over to build about 5 
more manifolds! Just add valves.  Also, I ordered 
from their website, www.clippard.com, so I was 
charged a $10 handling fee and $4 in postage.  You 
could buy these same parts from a Clippard reseller 
without those fees.  Check on their site for a 
reseller nearby.  

I have no affiliations with the company, blah, blah...