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Dean and Melissa Williams wrote:
> Hi my 400l tank is three months old ,
>  it has 240W of strip fluro lighting at 6 x 48" nec d/hg triphoshor
> 6700K on for 13 hours per day.
> filters are 1 x eheim 2217 + 600l internal filter , injected co2 at 125
> bubbles / min.
> Test as follows
> PO4  0.0
> Ca  40ppm
> Ammonia 0.0ppm
> nitrite 0.0ppm
> nitrate 5ppm
> PH 7.8
> KH 100ppm
> GH 160ppm
> Fe 0.25
> Plants seem to bubble after 8hours of lights being on , I am getting
> some growth , but mainly in the vallisneria ,
> The java fern went clear and died but has new plants coming from the
> rootstock , the rest of the plants seem to be holding there own and
> growing slowly .
> Fish are healthy and the J . Ornatus are breeding .
> Please hit me with advice on the above , is it close to right ??, what
> should I be adding ect ect ?????????????????
> Thank you for this list and the hard work put in by people with there
> web pages , as this is the only information / assistance I seem to be
> able
> to obtain.
> Dean (outback OZ)

Although I am no expert on plants by any means, I have read a lot on
this list and elsewhere that aquatic plants have trouble taking up some
micronutrients when the pH is significantly above 7.0. It is my
understanding that at the higher pH values iron (as one example) becomes
less available to plants. From your specs that's the only thing I can
think of.

How does iron, calcium, potassium, etc. checkout in your tank?

Jerry Baker