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Re: AH Supply

"S. Hieber" <shieber at yahoo_com> wrote:
> I hear they are selling fans these days?  They're not on the web site
> -- anybody know about these?
> Scott H.

I do. Months ago I bougth from them (AH Supply) a small AC fan (2" diam. 
as far as I recall). Complete with fan guard, dust filter and mounting screws,
I think I paid around $24 for it. They are not advertised at their web site, 
I spoke with Kim directly. The fan turned out to be very good indeed, low 
flow rate but *extremely* quiet, which was the feature I was looking for.
I don't know it's specs though.

I ended up not using it in my DIY strip light not because of the fan itself, 
but because I was unable to mount it on the strip's wood frame in a way that 
prevented it to hum annoyingly. The frame, not the fan. I tried everything 
I could to mechanically decouple it from the frame with no avail. Well, DIY 
has its drawbacks too. 

My current solution to the problem is to mount the fan remotely, coupling it
to the strip light with a vacuum cleaner hose. This creates a lot of drag 
and decreases the flow rate by a large amount. So I replaced the small fan 
by a large (10" dia) Radio Shack AC fan enclosed in a soundproofing box that
sits under the tank. The noise level dropped to an acceptable level and the 
flow rate is still OK, it keeps the insides of the strip light around 110 F 
(there are 4 55 Watt PCs in there).

- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD

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