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Re: Tweezers, Tongs & snips

Anthony Baker wrote:

> I found an online source for some relatively cheap, 
> 10 inch tweezers -- 
> http://www.vermontcountrystore.com/
> It is product number H1465.  2 pairs for 8 bucks!
> They have lots of other gadgets and hard-to-find 
> items.
> Hope this helps.
> - -Tony

Thanks for the tip.

Potential sources of really fine equipment for planted tanks -- lonnng
scissors, tweezers, hemostats (clamps), are medical supply houses that
vend equipment for laproscopic surgery.  These have a relatively small
set of jaws at the business end of the tool and a very long but thin
shank.  They aren't cheap but the prices vary widely depending on
supplier and the quality of stainless steel involved.  Sometimes you
can Blunt tip Metzenbaum Scissors that are 14" on longer -- these are
great for planted tanks.

Sources that sell equipment for less than $100 are hard to find, and
the availability is very dynamic.

Your friendly MD or DDS might even be able to help you get your hands
on some.

Scott H.

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