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TMG Shelf Life?

I'm not sure if this message got missed in the mix, but I gots a
question regarding the 5L TMG size available.. :)

> I just don't understand this.   You can get five liters of 
> TMG for less 
> than $60 from bigalsonline.com
> That should last a fifty gallon tank for four years.  What's 
> the problem?

Not a bad deal. What's the shelf-life of TMG? 

Also, here's an interesting question (or not? Lol).. 

I dose 1 week with TMG and the next week with Flourish... Is there close
to a consensus as to which is better, or what the optimimum kind of
combination of doses is? (can I pre-MIX them along with my flourish
iron, potassium for a single dosing bottle?). 

Gregory (still waiting for my new tank to be delivered!)


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