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AH Supply

I know other have posted what great experiences they have had with AH
Supply, but I felt it couldn't hurt for any of the lurkers out there if
I put in my 2 cents.

Firt, I called them to see how "bright" their 6400K 55W bulbs were. They
were helpful in saying that they were x lumens (I think 4300), but that
what really mattered was PAR. I ordered a 2x55W "Bright Kit" from them.
They shipped my order the same day, and sent me a tracking number within
a few hours. When I got it I couldn't figure out how they got all that
stuff into such a little box (I can't even get the leftover trash to fit
back in that box). Anyway, the instructions were simple and everything
came with the kit so trips to the hardware store were not necessary.

I highly recommend AH Supply to anybody.

Jerry Baker