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Re: Heating Cables

Just keep in mind that whatever you use for heating, you should consider a
backup or some kind of alarm.  The  transformer  fuse (for my cables) blew
and I had no idea they were off.  Had it not been for my backup heater, it
would have gotten a bit chilly in my tank.   It did drop down some since I
have the backup set lower but not dangerously low.   

You could use a few submersible heaters and just set the temperature low
enough that they would not come on unless your prime source was down.  It
might not keep your tank at that optimum temp but it would cover you to some
degree.    The prime source will only fail if it is a holiday or a weekend
night after everything is closed :)

Please post some pictures of this tank once it is up and running.  That is
going to be some kind of gorgeous display!!

Daphne who WILL keep extra fuses on hand from now on!

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